Every Day is a Beautiful Day - Fort Gondo, May 2014

about the exhibition

Every Day Is A Beautiful Day is a celebration of the working man's plight. Through meticulous paintings, sculptures, drawings, and animation, the attempt to escape day-labor drudgery and working-class reality is translated into an anarchic and humbly heroic quest. Happiness is always near: in seaside idylls, rag scraps and common cliches turned into epic anthems of liberty. The very shoes on one's feet become hand-crafted tools of rebellion. DePauli's gleeful humor is never unearned: each sketch is fastidiously drawn, every painting laboriously considered. Honest work earns one the right to walk away at day's end, wearing sunglasses that proclaim "FUCK WORK." In these patient and methodical pieces, labor is reclaimed on the artist's own terms and made brazenly democratic. With fundamental optimism, DePauli reminds us that we, too can afford and orgiastic weekend at the beach. And here, take a pair of sunglasses, for the ride.

by Jessica Baran