Brian DePauli

Fine Art

Life's a Beach, 2017/2018, oil on birch plywood, 66"x90"
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Untitled (from the series BBQ Party), 2018, oil on board, 8"x10"
More images from BBQ Party

Giant Swing For All of My Friends, 2017, Logs, Board, Chains/Hardware, 10'x10'x30'

Every Night is a Saturday Night, 2013/2014, looping animation

Every Night is a Saturday Night, 2013/14, 366 graphite on paper drawings, each 4.5"x6"

Frame 299 from Every Night is a Saturday Night

Fuck Work, 2012, oil on birch plywood, 9"x11"

Cut A Rug, 2010-13, fabric and burlap, 72" x 96"

Dancing Shoes, 2014, canvas, leather, steel, size 10

Fuck Work Shades, 2014, pine, cherry, colored glass, and spray paint, 5"x5"x2"

Motivational Mirror, 2013, mirror, lights, and painted frame, 40"x30"

Make-Out Bench, 2011, pine, 60"x36"x30"

Bottomless Cooler, 2011, wood, mirrors, plastic, acrylic paint, lights, and Stag beer cans, 10.5"x14"x8"

Saint Louis, 2010, pencil, 24"x24"

Stag Can, 2010, colored pencil, 7"x7"

Artist Statement

Through a distinct and sharp wit, material economy and sensitivity, and a meticulous attention to craft, I aim to compose a defiant and accomplished body of work. The high standard of workmanship to which I adhere adds a layer of seriousness to my visual one-liners and stands as a rebellion against the systems that allow our "throwaway" lifestyle. To captivate a diverse audience my work functions on various levels; ranging from an emphasis on surface meaning and aesthetics, to deeper conceptual themes such as our society's "live to work" mentality and its related cultural and environmental effects. Furthermore, a dedicated studio practice - defined by a consistent and independent fastidiousness - proves the depth and seriousness of my creative pursuits.



2009 MA - Fontbonne University


The Proper Aim of Work is to Provide Leisure - Saint Louis Lambert International Airport - Nov. 2018 - May 2019
Paul Art Space Year in Review - The Bermuda Project - Dec 2018
Giant Swing For All Of My Friends - GCADD - Permanent Collection, Installed 2017
Brian DePauli's BBQ Party - 2308.5 Cherokee St. - 2015
Everyday is a Beautiful Day - Fort Gondo - 2014
Something Happened - Luminary Center for the Arts - 2011
Crossing Paths - Snowflake Gallery - 2010
Graduate Student Invitational - Saint Charles Community College - 2009
Joseph Frasca Memorial Works on Paper Competition - Around the Coyote - 2009
Slinger Two - Boots Contemporary Art Space - 2008
Fast Times 2 - White Flag Projects - 2008


Paul Art Space - May 2018
Luminary Center for the Arts - 2010

Contact Info

The Bri-Zone, 5736 West Park Ave, Saint Louis, Mo 63110

All works are for sale unless otherwise noted. If you are interested in purchasing or commissioning fine art please contact me.